Weekly Superintendent’s Update 9/2/16

What a nice break in temperatures the past few days have been!  The end of August and the first half of September normally have mixed temperatures, fluctuating from hot to cool.  While I hope for cooler weather moving forward, the night time temperatures have already been lower, making the summer stress affecting our grass to ease away.

Several people have had questions about the fairways being too wet.  To explain, I must water the grass to the worst possible scenario.  In this case, that scenario is localized dry spots.  Some of the very fairways that are too wet in areas also have dry areas just a few feet away.  With an irrigation head that has a diameter of 160 feet, it is not always possible to just water the area in need.  Some drainage work will help eliminate most of this when this project is undertaken in a couple of weeks.

New drains on #5 pond

New drains on #5 pond

The work on the hole #5 pond is progressing well.  This  is not an irrigation pond, however, it is very valuable aesthetically to LRCC and many homeowners.  The pond randomly drained itself once in April and again in August.  This signified that a problem was evident that was out of our control.  The drain for the pond was 30+ year old galvanized pipe that had rusted, leaving a hole about 5 inches across in its wall.  Both times that the pond drained, the mud would build back up against the hole and allow the pond to refill.   With the help of the NCDENR, we devised a plan that is currently being executed.  After the pond drained in August, both parties agreed it was time to repair the problem. The new drain pipe was installed on Thursday and Friday and the silt removal process has begun.  Ideally, the key time to perform this would be during the off season.  However, the NCDENR required us to act immediately.  Every time the hole would allow the pond to drain, silt was leaving the pond.  The NCDENR allows no sediment in the creeks.  We hope to have this area completed shortly and thank you for your patience.

Finally, please remember aerification begins next Tuesday.  We should have great weather to perform this needed process and hopefully finish by Thursday.  Have a great Labor day weekend, Logan Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent