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Tips for Planning a Mountain Wedding

NC Mountain WeddingsAs if weddings are not wonderful enough, mountain weddings are spectacular, iconic, awe-inspiring and they offer venue, food and design opportunities that are hard to match in an urban environment. Mountain weddings also offer unique challenges in terms of logistics. We’ve included a few steps to get your mountain wedding planning process started and perhaps the most important place to start is to recommend that you keep things fun!

Hire a planner.

It should be fun to plan your wedding. After you’ve announced your engagement and toasted with champagne and handled the congratulations phone calls, you and your fiance should take a week or two and really talk about what you would like your wedding to look and feel like. A good planner will save you time, money and hours of stress.

Set a budget.

Once you have decided what planner to work with start sketching out a budget. Your planner will be able to guide your plan and show you where to save and where to spend. Setting a budget is vital before you select your venue.

Start Your Pinterest Board.

Pinterest is a great tool for design. It allows you to save your photos (instead of trying to remember which wedding blog your dream bouquet was in) and share inspirations with your vendors. Seeing 20-25 inspirational photos enables your wedding vendors to see what you love. With that information – you are setting everyone up for success.

Create a Top Three List.

Every couple is unique and each wedding has different priorities. Sit down with your future spouse and write down the top three most important elements for your wedding. Compare lists and compromise. If your fiance chooses bar, band and food and you have chosen band, food and decor – it only makes sense to find a venue known for their chef and menu with a reception space ready for a band. Put these lists somewhere you can both see them and revisit them from time to time. Remember what matters to the two of you.

Find the Venue.

Now you can find your dream mountain wedding location. With the budget, vision and priorities in mind, your wedding planner will be able to easily guide to a spectacular mountain venue. This will save you hundreds of driving miles and several weekend scouting trips!

Weather Plan.

Always always always have a back up weather plan. There’s an old saying in the North Carolina Mountains. If you don’t like the weather, hang around for thirty minutes, because it will change. Those of us who call the NC Mountains “home” can tell you that we’ve seen sunny & mild June mornings that turn into a surprise snow by noon.Work with your wedding planner to create a weather plan and establish exactly how it will be communicated to your wedding party, vendors and guests. Make sure that you have allowed adequate time for reception rooms to be reset by the catering staff and for the florists to move any outdoor decor to your indoor location. Explore and plan for the worst case scenarios . . . and hope for sunshine.

Consider Your Guests and Altitude.

Although you and your honey may have no problem hiking above timberline or taking a chairlift – consider your guests. Have alternate transportation, and encourage everyone to enjoy the mountains at their own pace.

Consider the Elements When Buying Your Dress.

If you are planning to get married outside, consider what the ground will do to your train. If you are getting married on grass, consider a shoe with a wedge heel (or cowboy boots – what can I say – they are functional) and always have a wrap or coat that compliments your dress. It gets chilly when the sun goes down!

Outdoor Mountain Ceremonies.

There are 3 must haves for North Carolina Mountain outdoor ceremonies. Have water available for your guests. Have sunscreen available for your guests (even 30 minutes at 4,000′ elevations can do a number on you!) and consider offering the ladies parasols (there are several options for renting).

Have Fun.

There may be a little more wind than you planned for. You may have forgotten your veil at home. No matter what hiccups may occur, your mountain wedding should be fun. Remember what is important to you and your new husband and trust in your planner, venue and the rest of your wedding team to make your day spectacular.The team and wedding coordinators at Laurel Ridge Country Club would like to invite you to contact them about hosting your special day in the mountains of Waynesville, North Carolina.We’ll help you handle everything and make your wedding day a spectacular one.Click HERE to visit this beautiful NC MOUNTAIN WEDDING VENUE

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  1. Christie O. {Mountainside Bride} says:

    I so strongly agree with the hire the wedding planner tip for mountain weddings. While brides see this “tip” all the time and often roll their eyes, thinking it’s just another up-sell by the wedding industry, hiring a planner is crucial in the mountains! The mountains are finicky. Wind, weather and flaky mountain vendors can wreak havoc on a bride’s peace. A planner know the rhythms of the mountain seasons as well as has strong relationships with reliable mountain vendors.

    One of the biggest regrets mountain brides have is not hiring wedding planner. Just sayin’ :-)

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