The Snow came to Laurel Ridge!

As many of our local members & guests experienced, the December snow that came early this year, covered our area with a heavy, white, and glistening blanket. A wonderful backdrop for photography!

We enjoyed the beauty of the snow, but the weight of it took down many power lines and trees. Warmer day time temperatures led to melting, and rapid temperature drops eventually made this heaping water refreeze to the roadways and parking areas.


Our crews jumped in to help, by removing downed limbs, plowing the excess snow and allowing sunlight to get to the concrete. The forecast is in our favor, with consistent warmer temperatures for the days ahead and plenty of sunshine to melt away the threat of freeze. We enjoyed the beauty of it all, but are happy to getting things back to normal as this particular snow “derailed” many of us in WNC!


Laurel Ridge is OPEN today, and you can still catch some great snow scenery on the greens! Serving lunch today from 11:30-2:30, we would love to see you and give you a place to alleviate your “cabin fever”.

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