Superintendent’s Golf Course Improvement Update

With the cool morning temperatures of late, pumpkin spice coffee will soon be needed!  These cooler temperatures are great for seed germination and the grass seed and sod areas are coming in nicely.  The seed also need wet growing conditions to germinate.  If you notice what you may consider excessive watering, that is what the seed prefers in order to develop .  New sod requires being watered several times per day for the first week and half.  Then we slowly transition into a normal watering cycle.

At present, the last of the pipe and irrigation heads are going in the ground.  Installing an irrigation system during the hottest months of the year has really been a challenge.  The process has been long and hard, but the outcome will truly be amazing.  Once the seed that has been put out fully comes in, members will see what they can expect in the future.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Several tasks will be ongoing in the next couple of months.  Regular topdressing of greens and tees, seeding of dirt areas, mowing some different fairway lines and aerifying greens are at the top of the list, in addition to our regular maintenance program.  We look forward to the cooler daytime temperatures that allow us to accomplish many different tasks.  We realize that playing conditions have been tough and thank you for sacrificing the top-notch playing conditions you are accustomed to in order to ensure a brighter, healthier future for our championship golf course.

Logan H. Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent

Adding new sod on hole #15