Ongoing Projects to Enhance the Golf Experience at Laurel Ridge Country Club

The golf course maintenance staff has been very busy this week!  Several projects are underway throughout the golf course that will greatly enhance your experience at LRCC.  A tee expansion project will enlarge and level some of the tee boxes around the course.  Holes 3, 4, 6, 16 and 18 will all have work done to tees where needed.  In some instances, tee markers will need to be moved to allow for this work to be done.  Sod work will continue this week and next to cover the tee surfaces.

During Golf Course Designer Bob Cupp’s visit earlier in 2015, Mr. Cupp suggested that a landscaped berm should be installed to encourage a dog leg left shot on hole 5.  Following his advice, we will mow a narrow fairway all the way to the green once temperatures allow.  Trucks have started hauling the base material for the berm and topsoil will cover the growing area once this is complete.

The irrigation crew is currently working on holes 11, 16 and 17.   Progress is going very well now that the large mainline pipe is complete.  The two troublesome holes that had worried me most with sub-surface rock were 1 and 16, and I’m tickled to say that each hole is now trenched and the rock only created a minimal disruption.

Thank you to each member that has helped with landscaping or other tasks on the golf course.  Your contributions really help in a big way are are greatly appreciated.  Also, a continued thank you for everyone’s patience during the golf course improvement project at LRCC.

Logan Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent