Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 8/25/17

Fall Aerification begins on Tuesday, September 5 after the Labor Day holiday.  The last couple of weeks before fall aerification always seem to go so slowly.  The turf is really tired from five months of foot/cart traffic, lack of air movement in the soil profile, warm air and soil temperatures and soil sealing off from absorbing water.  Aerification creates holes that help the grass with all of these issues, plus the process removes a small amount of unwanted thatch.  It is always tough to put holes and topdress sand onto beautiful greens in what seems like prime golf weather.  The problem with delaying this process is obviously prolonging aiding the grass with the benefits mentioned above, plus waiting too long in the year could mean our holes are not completely healed up before the weather gets too cold and the plant stops growing.

We will start the first step of aerification next week by applying a half rate of fertilizer to the greens.  By applying the fertilizer a week ahead of time, the plant is really growing to heal up from the coring process.  Another half rate is applied immediately after coring and the healing process begins.  Our plan this fall will be to aerify the greens, green surrounds, tees, and fairways.  The golf course will close September 5-8 and will reopen on the morning of September 9th.  During aerification week, we will be applying our fall fertilizer and spraying a grassy sedge weed called green kyllinga.  The areas that the spray kills will turn yellow, then brown.  This is meant to happen and will assist us in having more dense turf heading into the non growing months.  Thanks for the understanding and patience.

The following tasks were completed this week:

  • Mowed greens 6 times
  • Mowed T,C,A 3 times
  • Mowed fairways 3 times
  • Mowed rough twice
  • Mowed DR twice
  • Mowed clubhouse
  • Changed pins 4 times
  • Handwatered areas needed
  • Sprayed greens
  • Sprayed tees
  • Sprayed green surrounds
  • Sprayed crossbow
  • Continued cleanup of down trees
  • Edged sprinkler heads
  • Applied granular wetting agent

Have a wonderful weekend!

Logan H. Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent