Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 7/21/17

What a busy week of preparation for our 2017 Men’s Member/Guest tournament.  Even though the tournament was Thursday, Friday and Saturday, preparations begin several weeks in advance.  Topdressing, irrigation cycles, spray applications, mowing heights, rolling frequency and scheduling must be planned carefully to accommodate this very important tournament at LRCC.  Agronomist Dean Wochaski was onsite Tuesday to see the course progress since his last visit in March.  Dean and I had a wonderful visit and exchanged many ideas.  During the past two weeks, the weather has been very warm, reaching 90 degrees six times so far.  The turf is starting to stress in some areas, so cooler temperatures would be a welcome sight.  The following were achieved on the course this week:

  • Mowed greens 6 times
  • Mowed T,C,A 3 times
  • Mowed fairways 4 times
  • Mowed rough 2 times
  • Rolled greens twice
  • Changed pins 5 times
  • Mowed DR twice
  • Sprayed fairways
  • Sprayed greens/surrounds
  • Sprayed greens rough
  • Sprayed native areas with selective herbicide
  • Sodded small areas on 14
  • Added step stones to 14 approach
  • Added asphalt patch to pot holes
  • Repainted line into holes 12, 13, 14
  • Edged the 100 yard markers and painted red
  • Hand-watered dry areas

Have a wonderful weekend,

Logan H. Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent