Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 6/16/17

What a crazy weather week in the mountains of Western North Carolina!  Warm temperatures with thunderstorms in the afternoons have been the trend this week.  The rainfall total so far is surprisingly only 0.6 inches.  After a small dry spell, the golf course gladly welcomed the rainfall.  We continue to receive great complements about the golf course.  The 2017 season is shaping up to a wonderful year at Laurel Ridge Country Club.

The following were accomplished this week on the course:

  • Mowed greens 5 times
  • Rolled greens twice
  • Mowed T,C,A 3 times
  • Mowed Fairways 3 times
  • Mowed rough twice
  • Changed pins 3 times
  • Mowed DR twice
  • Trimmed #10 hedge
  • Adjusted all tennis heads
  • Raked bunkers 3 times
  • Sprayed wetting agent on greens, surrounds, and tees
  • Aerified #9 lower fairway with pencil tines
  • Sodded #14 approach
  • Spread pine straw where power lines were installed at clubhouse
  • Continued spraying landscape beds with Roundup

Have a wonderful Fathers Day weekend!

Logan H. Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent