Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 5/29/17

On Friday, we hosted the WCU Pride of the Mountains tournament at LRCC.  It was great talking with our club champion, Jon Henson, and his many guests.  So many great compliments came from the group directed toward my staff.  I thank my staff continually for their hard work, but hearing it from a stranger really encourages them even more.  We received about 3.5 inches of rain last week.  Tasks completed on the golf course were:

  • Mowed greens 5 times
  • Mowed T,C,A 3 times
  • Mowed fairways 3 times
  • Mowed rough twice
  • Mowed clubhouse/tennis/DR
  • Changed pins 4 times
  • Weedeat/edged/blow/raked bunkers
  • Raked bunkers 2 times
  • Passed pool inspection and opened 5/26
  • Mowed DR twice
  • Finished cleanup from removal of 2 poplar trees on holes 9/18
  • Brushbladed pool bank and hauled off material
  • Blow all fairways/rough
  • Started cleanup of power pole trenches
  • Added DG to walkways

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Logan Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent