Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 5/13/17

We had a good week on the maintenance staff at LRCC.  The fairways are getting their color back from the temporary setback from the Kyllinga application and obviously, the Kyllinga itself has been killed.  We will be doing extremely low rates throughout the season to maintain the Kyllinga free turf.  The following were achieved on the course this week:

  • Mow greens 5 times
  • Mow tees, collars, and approaches 3 times
  • Mow fairways 3 times
  • Mow rough twice
  • Mow clubhouse, tennis, DR
  • Roll greens twice
  • Weedeat, edge, blow, rake bunkers
  • Rake bunkers twice
  • Spray all native areas with Crossbow
  • Spray Greens, tees, green surrounds with wetting agent
  • Spray clubhouse grounds with Roundup
  • Applied granular wetting agent to problematic areas
  • Change pins 4 times
  • Cleanup of a tree and limbs from storm damage

Logan H. Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent