Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 10/14/16

We are having some outstanding fall colors around the club!  Many feared that a record dry, hot summer would minimize the fall colors, but most trees are producing like normal.  It’s always amazing to see the Poplar, Maple, Buckeye, Cherry and Locust varieties change in the same progression year after year.  With the beautiful leaves comes the cleanup.  Our greens, tees, cart paths and many fairways are cleared every morning.  Unfortunately, sometimes the wind will blow and disperse other leafs onto the already-cleaned area.

As expected, the course is healing up very well from the summer stress.  Seed has been put down in most areas and will need every opportunity to germinate.  It is imperative that golfers avoid any area that looks like it has been seeded.  Even a footprint can delay or negate the plant from coming up.  We have done a lot of sod work on and around #8 green, #10 collar and #13 collar.  We decided to use the old chipping green to save on travel and expenses, and the height of cut was already similar.  Next week, we will fill the chipping green back with sand and use a new type of bentgrass seed called 007.  This seed is supposed to be one of the top cultivars in all trial tests.  This could give us a great idea for the effectiveness for future bentgrass expansion.

The greens are beginning to pick up speed and are currently rolling about a 10’8.  Until the greens recover completely from aerification, pin placements will only be cut in the easiest locations.

Have a great weekend.  Logan Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent