Farewell to the Irrigation Contractor

According to the experts, leaf season in WNC is supposed to be the best that it has been in years. The above average dry conditions are one of the main factors that contribute to this.  Normally the leaf season begins when temperatures become cooler and I have already noticed some maple trees teasing us with early hues of red and orange.   The grass seed that was hydroseeded, slit-seeded and broadcast spread last week is reaping the benefits of the cooler temperatures as well.  We are seeing our bluegrass germinate in 7-10 days and bentgrass is germinating as quick as four days.

Another tool that has been a huge help has been a walk behind slit seeder.  Many thanks to my former boss at the Country Club of Asheville for loaning this machine to aid in reseeding.  While the tractor mounted slit seeder is great for many seeds, the walk behind unit is wonderful for the small bentgrass seed.  We have been able to slit seed all the back nine tees, collars and any small areas on the greens that we could not sod.  The plan is to open the back nine holes for play on 9/11/15 and then use the small slit seeder on the front nine tees and collars.  We will continue to use several methods of seeding on the remaining dirt exposed areas on the golf course. This work will continue all the way into fall as weather permits.

I’m really pleased with the cleanup and reseeding progress of the entire golf course, especially on the back nine holes.  Since less rock interrupted the construction, the process has been much quicker and organized.  Yesterday we finally bid farewell to the tractors, trucks, loaders, excavators and trenchers as the as the contractor and his crew left the property.   My staff will take over from here with rock cleanup and trenches that settle as our main focus in addition to the demands of normal golf course maintenance.

When the golf course is reopened next week, we will ask that all golfers follow specific cart rulings and requests so that we do not harm the areas that are only beginning to recover.  The less destructive that we all can be on the golf course, the better everyone enjoys our wonderful property.  Please tune in next week for more updates as we open the full golf course to members and guests.

Logan Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent

Walk-Behind Slit Seeder Seeding with the Walk-Behind Slit Seeder