Harvey Morse

Great place. We really enjoy the ambiance, the food, the staff and our friends!

Ron Petty

“Best people on the planet!”

John & Barbara Estok

We feel we have a very unique membership at Laurel Ridge. Never have we felt such a closeness to a Golf and Country Club. All the members believe we have a very special thing here at Laurel Ridge. Thank you for all you do.

Ed & Linda McHugh

The reason we enjoy LRCC is that the entire membership and staff are one big family. We all enjoy being together and having fun. We are all focused on making this club the best it can be, willing to pitch in when needed. New members are made to feel like they have been here for years. This club has the nicest members in the world. Many I have spoken to agree there is no better place we want to be.

Fred & Sarah Belle Tollison

Our favorite thing about the club is the wonderful staff. They are helpful and accommodating, unfailingly courteous, and focused on making our membership rewarding and enjoyable. This includes everyone from the owners through the individual contributors.