Laurel Ridge wants to provide you with every advantage in your golf game.

Our PGA Professional and his staff have over 45 years combined experience and are ready to assist you. They offer private, semi-private and group instruction to help with any aspect of your game. Clinics are scheduled throughout the season to work on your short and long game, from chipping and putting to full swing. Golf Club Demo Days are also held to aid with club selection. Whatever you need, they can help.

If you just need time for practice, members have access to our chipping and putting green and driving range. Practice makes perfect!

Golf Tips

Recommendations on the best ways to handle various lies:

Mountain golf has unique characteristics that may present challenges to golfers. For instance, an uneven lie requires two important adjustments.

  • Swing the club at a speed that allows you to stay in balance; this usually means slower and smoother than normal (70-80% of maximum).
  • Sole the club properly in order to minimize the effect of the hill.
  • Side Hill - Feet Below Ball
      • Choke down on the grip
      • Allow for a slight pull and/or hook
      • Play ball in the center of stance
      • Place weight on the balls of your feet
  • Side Hill - Feet Above Ball
      • Take more club than you feel is necessary
      • Play ball closer to your feet and in center of stance
      • Allow for slight fade
      • Place weight on the balls of your feet
  • Downhill
      • Set your body with the slope of the hill
      • Use one less club than normal
      • Move the club as parallel to the slope as possible
      • Allow for a low shot that may fade
  • Uphill
      • Set your body up with the slope of the hill
      • Use one club more than normal and choke down
      • Play ball in the middle of stance
      • Allow for a higher shot than normal that may be pull-hooked
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