Frost Quickly Followed Fall’s Arrival to Laurel Ridge Country Club Golf Course

Hello all! Just a quick update on the status of the golf course as we inch closer to November. Frost has made its arrival to the area as evident of the late starts golfers have encountered. Please remember to not walk or drive on frost covered turf as this will stun and most likely injure the plant. Turf growth is slowing rapidly as we get colder nights and cooler, cloudy days. Brown areas in the turf are evident of the weed type grasses dying off, but the turf will begin to regenerate as we move forward. Early season applications of select herbicides will be most beneficial to our fight against weedy grasses.

Our greens continue to heal after the aerification in September. The final fertilizer of the year has been applied and we will now put them to “bed” for the winter months. I will be raising mowing heights in the coming days to alleviate any cold stress. This in turn may cause a slow down in green speed. You will also see us verticut the greens with a possible needle tine aerification to alleviate thatch build up that has occurred through the years. Rest assured, you will not notice any aerification holes. Please help us to maintain quality putting surfaces by repairing your ball mark.

Tees have been fertilized and sprayed for late season Dollar Spot disease. You’ll notice some brown areas in some tees, again this was Kylinga that is dying out. I’m sure most of you have noticed that we also sanded the tees to fill in divots. Please help us by continuing to fill your divots on tees and fairways.

Fairways are recovering well from summer heat stress. They too have been fertilized and sprayed for Brown Patch/Dollar Spot. Again, weeds are dying out and new turf is coming in. If weather permits, we may attempt an aerification in the fairways to help with regrowth. As many may have noticed, drainage work has been completed on #5 top and bottom fairway. Since then, the upper #5 fairway has dried a considerable amount. Over time, the bottom should follow suit. The lower part of #2 has been repaired and is draining very well. We look to do more areas on #2 in the future. Newly sodded areas will be seen as we move forward and try to raise some dips that are contributing to wet areas in the fairways.

Again, leaves will become a problem. They are late to fall this year but make no mistake, they will. Please be safe on cart path slopes with any leaves on them. Wet leaves can be as slick as ice, and cart accidents could result from excessive speeds. We will make every attempt to clear leaves from playing surfaces and paths at the beginning of each day.

Please continue to observe and obey the “No Carts” signs and or roped off area. These areas are closed to cart traffic to help avoid more costly repairs to the turf. We are working feverishly on getting those certain areas dried up and hope to have them reopened soon.

Paving of asphalt areas is slated to begin around November 1213. Be aware that we will be rerouting cart traffic on #8 and #17 on those days so that our cart paths can be repaired.

Tree work is about to begin at the putting green. We will be taking down five dead trees around that area. Be aware of any cones blocking entrances for parking areas.

Thank you for all the great comments and support that I have received from each of you. You have truly made me feel at home here at LRCC and I will strive to continue to produce a quality golf course for everyone to enjoy. Together, we will make 2019 a fantastic year at Laurel Ridge. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any comments or concerns.

Thank you,

Steve Akers, GCS