Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 4/21/17

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  We’ve had about two inches of rain this week which has helped reduce our deficit for the year.  Mowing was challenging some days because of the rainfall, but we were able to finish.  The following tasks were achieved this week:

  • Mowed rough completely twice
  • Mowed fairways twice
  • Mowed tees, collars & approaches 3 times
  • Mowed greens 4 times
  • Changde pins 3 times
  • Mowed Driving Range once
  • Fertilized chipping green/re-seeded weak areas
  • Finished applying the pine needles in stock
  • Started to apply mulch
  • Sprayed most landscape beds
  • Sprayed the tennis courts/pool area
  • Started draining the pool/waterfall for paint
  • Cleaned up the drainage trench on #5
  • Sprayed greens surrounds
  • Edged/mulched all hole signs
  • Rolled greens
  • Added pine bark nuggets to some clubhouse beds
  • Cleaned the ditch/culverts in front of the Pro Shop
  • Adjusted irrigation heads on 6 holes
  • Added sand to walkways on #13 & 14

Have a great weekend,

Logan H. Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent