Golf Course Superintendent’s Update 4/28/17

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  The maintenance team has performed exceptional after having 5.3 inches of rain since last Friday and I am very pleased with the productivity of the crew.  Even though we have some wet areas, mowing was completed and our golfers really seemed to really enjoy themselves.  The creek on #1 has escaped the creek bank and saturated the right side of the fairway and in front of the green on #1.  This has happened three times now since I have been at LRCC; some evaporation will help.  Each time this has happened, rainfall has been 4+ inches of non-stop rain.  We did lose a tree between holes #11 and 17, so we will finishing cutting and cleaning up early next week.

Thanks for the many wonderful comments from members and guests.  A homeowner stopped me this morning and commented about how beautiful the course was.  My staff greatly appreciates hearing those positive words.

This weeks tasks included:

  • Mowing greens 4 times
  • Mowing T,C,A 3 times
  • Mowing fairways 3 times
  • Mowing  rough twice
  • Mowing clubhouse/DR/ Tennis area
  • Changing pins 4 times
  • Weedeating bunkers
  • Raking bunkers 3 times
  • Spraying fairways
  • Spraying tees
  • Spraying weeds
  • Putting out mulch
  • Backpack spraying beds
  • Adjusting irrigation heads 4 holes
  • Replenishing DG on walkways and cart path ends
  • Adjusting most tennis court irrigation heads
  • Filling washouts & reseeding chipping green

Our agronomist was here on Tuesday and we discussed numerous topics and ideas.  The visit went well, resulting in even more excitement about 2017.

Have a great weekend!

Logan Nesbitt, Golf Course Superintendent