Bluebird Trail Flourishes at Laurel Ridge

Contributed by LRCC member, Melissa Van Noppen

Be sure to notice the renewed Bluebird Trail on the golf course.   Thanks to the dedication of several members, many boxes have been replaced and are being watched carefully by fellow birders.  After such a harsh winter, these friendly streaks of blue need a good deal of help.  We appreciate the volunteers so much for placing and tending the boxes weekly.  Unfortunately, many of the poles and boxes have disappeared through the seasons due to home building and plant overgrowth.

Bluebird Friends Inc. was begun in the early nineties and is as almost as old as the golf course!  The effort has received much help from members who enjoy tending the boxes between shots on the course.  Gifts here and there from interested birders have kept the project going.

If you are interested in learning more about the care and feeding of these interesting birds, there is much to find on the internet at the NC Bluebird Society.   Once you get hooked on watching the interest, courtship, feeding and fledgings, you will have to keep up with the family…they reel you in on their lives!